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This memorial website was created in the memory of my beloved son, Chad Randall Miller who was born in California on December 27, 1985 and was murdered by his older brother on November 29, 2004 at the age of 18. We will remember him forever. 

THE MUSIC you hear playing is one of hundreds of songs that Chad wrote, composed and performed by himself.  Please check out the other audio clips for more of his music. 

Chad was born two days after Christmas....three weeks AFTER his due date.  Chad weighed 10 pounds and 6 ounces, a very large baby.   Chad's big brother, Randy, was so protective of his little brother that he got mad that people were looking at the "large baby" in the hospital nursery.  We were so excited to have Chad join our lives.

When Chad was three years old, we moved to New Mexico.  Chad soon became a favorite at his daycare center.  As Chad grew older, he learned to read and had a love for reading that lasted throughout his lifetime.  In first grade, Chad was invited to the school board meeting where he was given a special award for having read five hundred books in one year!  

Chad had a pet dog and cat that we were forced to give up to friends when we moved to an apartment that didn't allow animals.  Chad wrote a "story" about his pets and how much he hated to give them away.  This story won him a first place award in the school writing contest.

Chad's favorite place to go in New Mexico was the "dinosaur museum" (museum of arts and history) and the Albuquerque Zoo.  Chad had a profound love of animals and history.

When Chad was six years old we moved to Springfield, Missouri.  In third grade, Chad won the school spelling bee and went to compete in the regional competition.  He placed second.  He went on to win the school competition in fourth and fifth grade also.  Chad had an amazing ability to spell, probably due to his love of reading and writing.  He went on to win numerous awards for his short stories and essays in regional contests held throughout the school district.   During these years, Chad also became very interested in theater.  He joined the Springfield Little Theater and performed in numerous plays.  He talked about becoming a star!  Chad also began messing around with music and computers.  He began writing, composing and performing his own music.  He had several CD's printed and sold through a website.  He was so excited that people were actually paying to hear his music.

Chad also was excelling in school.  He was put into the gifted program and he skipped the seventh grade.  His teachers were very supportive of his writing talent.

When Chad was in high school, we moved to Vincennes, Indiana.  By now, Chad was becoming a very unique individual.  He would dye his hair different colors (blue, green, red, black) and wear as many "strange" outfits that he could find at the local thrift store.  Chad taught me not to judge people by their outward appearance (trust me there were times Chad looked rather unique - plaid shorts, arm warmers, lab coat, dog collar) but Chad taught me to relax my attitude and be more accepting of people who were "different" than the norm.  I met some wonderful people through Chad's friendships.

During high school, Chad wrote a story for a competition.  His story took first place for his age group and was published in "Autumn Voices".  He also wrote for the school newspaper.

Chad had now become very serious about his music.  He left the thought of acting behind and concentrated on teaching himself how to play the guitar and keyboard.  He also taught himself how to use recording software that was very sophisticated.  Chad began producing CD after CD, which he would not charge people for - rather, he felt that it was about the music and he would give his CD's to friends and fans for free.  Chad's music has been played in clubs throughout the United States and Europe.  He has fans throughout the world that still spread his music to as many people as they can.

Chad graduated from high school and began attending Vincennes University, majoring in audio recording.  His talent and ability continued to improve.  Chad was constantly on the computer, creating new music.  He continued to write stories, poems, and songs.  Chad had also helped me adopt seven cats and a dog that Chad named, "Kitty".  It was great!

Chad began planning his career.  He wanted to pursue music and had plans to either attend a music college in Arizona or move to Seattle, Washington.  We talked often about moving there when he graduated from VU.  Chad was one semester away from graduating.

Chad's dream came to an end on November 29, 2004.  Chad had always idolized his older brother, Randy.  The boys rarely argued and never physically fought.  Randy was going through some difficult times in his own life and apparently exploded and Chad was his victim.  He brutally murdered his brother but was soon captured and sent to prison for 45 years for first degree murder.  

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Lyrics To Monochrome   / by Chad Miller
There's a ghost up in the attic with a rose in his hand and he glows with the darkest of fashions.
He's in his sunday best and his silver top-hat and he waits upon the edge of forever.
"Lilith, Lilith" he cries 
but he k...  Continue >>
It will be 10 years this November   / Anni Reed (Friend)
I can't believe it's been this long. I miss you and your beautiful spirit. You and Mom Melanie are in my thoughts so often. Wish you were here so we could bitch at how awful music has become.
Still thinking of you   / Nicole (Friend)
You will never be forgotten, no matter how many years have passed. Miss you, Chad.
I miss you Brotha!   / Raine Vivian (Friend)
 I knew Chad for a long time. We're got in all sorts of trouble together, and made a lot of music together.

 I miss you a lot man. I think about you everyday, and cant thank you enough for all you taught me. Love you lots, and l...  Continue >>
I still miss chad.   / Reuben Simpson (Friend)
I got to know chad through and we collaborated on a few musical things together sending each other files over ICQ. I saw his skills in songwriting and audio production develop over the years and he has been (and still is) a source of inspirat...  Continue >>
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His legacy
Chad's Writing  

this is a parody of "The Night Before Christmas"

The Night Before Christmas At The Zoo

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the zoo,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a gnu.

The food dishes were set by the cage with the bear,
In hopes that the zookeeper soon would be there.

The monkeys were nestled, all snug in their beds,
While visions of bananas danced in their heads.

And Mama Gorilla in her fur, and I in my mane,
Had just settled down to go to sleep again.

When over near the tiger's cage there arose such a shout,
I jumped from my bed to see what the noise was all about.

Away to my cage entrance I ran like a rocket,
To find out what shouted, and then to sock it.

For I was mad at whoever disturbed my sleep,
I'd bop it on the head and say, "Don't make a peep!"

Then I saw something in the sky and called out, "Hey!"
And I looked dcloser and saw a big guy in a sleigh.

He was being pulled by reindeer, I counted eight,
And I called out to them, "Keep quiet, it's late!"

They came closer and closer, with ringing sleigh bells,
And the guy in the sleigh started to yell,

"Now, Dasher! Now Dancer! Now Prancer and Blitzen!"
Then I thought, "He's not only loud, but he also won't listen!"

Then to the top of my cage they flew like bees,
Then I called out, "Go away, please!

I was asleep, in a very nice dream,
Then you came along being as loud as a scream!

Now all I want is to go back to sleep!"
Then the gib guy entered my cage with a leap.

He was dressed in red fur, with a big white beard,
He looked really happy, but he looked kind of weird.

He had a bundle of toys, and his eyes sparkled blue,
Then I asked the guy, "What kind of animal are you?"

He payed no attention, he was an arrogant lad,
He totally ignored me, and it made me mad!

He had a rosy red face and a big round belly,
Then he said to me, "Whew, your cage sure is smelly!"

He winked his eye at me, and then I said,
"You woke me up, so I'll bop you on your head!"

I am a really mean lion, with big, black claws,
and razor-sharp teeth, and powerful jaws!"

Then he picked up his bag, and gave me a sharp glance,
Then out he ran, like he had ants in his pants.

He ran to the reindeer, jumped in the sleigh,
And the last words he said before he flew away,

were, "on Prancer! On Vixen! On all of you reindeer!
Fly away fast, I gotta get outta here!"

Chad's sense of humor  
In high school, Chad was a staff member of the school newspaper.  The staff was all asked to write a brief "bio" on themselves.  What follows is Chad's bio:

My name is Chad Randall Miller.  I'm sixteen, a senior, and a first-year member of the OPS.  After high school, I plan to go to a recording arts school so that I can eventually become a studio engineer or producer.  I will hopefully also become a rockstar, a janitor, a woman, the pope, a sumo wrestler, a cowboy, a ninja, a robot, and a member of PETA.  Just watch me!
Interest Survey Essay by Chad Miller (in high school)  

What Career Do You Think Might Be Suitable For You?

     Throughout my life, I have thought about many different careers.  There were so many careers that I had interest in, and it's a hard choice to make.  I think I have finally found the right career for me.
     When I was 4 years old, I decided that I wanted to be an actor.  I was in every play I could be in, for the acting experience.  This went on until i was 12.  By then I had played a jester, a punk rocker, a teacher's pet, a really mean bully, and other parts.
     When I was 12, I decided that acting wasn't really what I wanted to do.  I started becoming very interested in science, and decided that I wanted to be a micro-biologist.  I wanted to create diseases to be used in chemical/biological warfare.
     A few months later, I decided not to be a micro-biologist.  For a while I had no idea what I wanted to be.
     Then one day I sat down at my computer and discovered a program that allows you to create your own music on the computer.  You just use samples, set the pitch, length, speed, etc. and you can make professional-quality music.  You can create songs with drums, piano, guitars, synthesizers, and more without buying the actual instruments.

     At first I thought it was a great program, but it was too complicated for me.  I decided to give it a try anyway, just to see if I liked it.  I messed with it for a couple of days until I completed my first song ever.

     The song was called "Anarchy", a primitive song with excessively loud guitars and a weird heavy drum beat.  It wasn't that great, but it was good enough to make me want to try making more music.

     I went on making amateur songs until I made my first complex, professional-sounding song.  It was called "No Escape", and it had spooky piano, bass guitar, distorted guitar, and drums.  It sounded great, and it was through that song that i realized that I had musical talent.

     I kept creating great songs, until a popular industrial artist discovered me and told me that I should join, a place that publishes independent artists' songs.  That day I knew I wanted to be a musician.

     Now I'm a popular artist on, and my debut album, "Analgesia", will be released in a few days.  On the album there are 12 great industrial/gothic songs, all of which I am proud to say I created.    I plan to release many more albums in the future.

NOTE:  Chad released 14 albums in his short life.

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High School Graduation
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